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Kids' Art A La Carte Videos

CDCs Throughout the State Are Facing a Critical Situation and Need Your Support

For over 50 years the Child Development Centers (CDCs) across the state have served children with early intervention services, preschool, family service coordination, and more. Each year thousands of Wyoming’s children that have a diagnosis or show a developmental delay are served by the CDCs. Should a child show a delay in speech/language, gross and

Best Kept Secret: What You May Not Know About the Child Development Center

Natrona County is home to so many different organizations that exist to take care of the county’s children and adolescents. The Child Development Center is one of those organizations but oftentimes, those who could benefit from the services of CDC don’t even know what those services are. The Child Development Center is, at its core,

Audiology Services

The Child Development Center of Natrona County has expanded its CDC+ services to include an expansive pediatric audiology program. Leading this program is Kalley Ellis, AuD, CCC-A. Ellis, a native of Idaho and Utah, received her undergraduate degree from Utah State University, and her Doctorate of Audiology from Idaho State University. She spent her entire

CDC+ Reading Coaching

Ellie woke up today with a smile on her face. Every week, Ellie gets to spend time with one of her favorite people, Miss Claire, a certified Speech Language Pathologist at CDC+. Miss Claire not only helps Ellie read better, but she also helps her comprehend and retain what she is reading. That’s because Ellie

Feeding Therapy Classes

NEW! CDC+ Feeding Therapy

  Parents of children who have difficulty eating are faced with a difficult and puzzling challenge! CDC+ is now offering assessment and treatment for children with feeding difficulties. If your child has 3 or more of the following “red flags”, he/she may benefit from feeding therapy. • Poor weight gain (percentiles falling) or weight loss

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Kids’ Art A La Carte Offers a Story of Hope

It started with a story- a new dad in a waiting room, scared for the future of his newly-born, premature son. He was desperate, confused and utterly terrified. That is, he was until he came across a little girl who took his hand, looked him in the eye and told him that everything would be

CDC+ Reading Coaching

CDC+ Reading Coaching

“Mommy, read me a story.” She pulled a book from the shelf in her childhood bedroom and begged you to read it to her. It was Alice in Wonderland, your favorite from when you were a little girl. You smile, take the book and lie down next to her on the too-small bed. You turn

CDC+ reading Coaching

NEW! CDC+ Reading Coaching Groups

Things just keep getting more and more exciting around here! CDC+ NOW offers reading coaches (trained therapists) for elementary children grades 2nd-5th! CDC+ is hosting a reading program for kiddos who need a little extra help in reading and comprehension. Your child will have a language/reading evaluation administered by a Speech Language Pathologist.  The results of the evaluation will determine the

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CDC+ Provides Continuum of Care

  The Child Development Center (CDC) has served children in the community and surrounding areas for over 52 years. Services include free developmental screenings, special education services, Early Intervention Services to include speech, occupational and physical therapy, and a NAEYC accredited preschool for children with and without special needs. On average the CDC serves 430

Hope Happens Hear

A key factor in the development of children is the ability to hear the world around them. The Child Development Center (CDC) recognized this and previously hosted a clinic once a month for three days for children from all over the state to take part in.  They then offered early hearing detection and follow-up care

Avya's Story

Ayva’s Story

CDC has been a huge part of our lives since my daughter was 3 months old. Ayva was born on February 12, 2014. The following day after she was born a nurse walked into my room to inform me “your baby failed the hearing screening, come back in 7 days and we will retest her.”

The Propp Family

Bentley’s Story

When Josh and Megan Propp got the call, they were…surprised to say the least. The couple were looking into adoption and, while they spent years planning and preparing themselves to welcome a new child into their little family, they were not ready for what life was about to offer. “Our adoption agency contacted us and

Finding Your PATH

The goal of the Child Development Center of Natrona County is to not only provide support for the children and families they serve, but to provide outreach, tools, and services to the community as a whole. Because of this, CDC is proud to announce a new monthly outreach, entitled PATH (Parents Achieving Training and Hope).


Jordan’s Story

Jordan was born 7 weeks early. He struggled to breathe for 7 hours and was intubated and flown to Denver. He spent 2 months in the NICU. He was born a fighter. His first seizure was at 2 months old right after he was finally sent home. It wasn’t the first diagnosis he had, and

We Hear you

We Hear You

For more than 50 years, the Child Development Center of Natrona County has been serving the needs of the community. Throughout the years, CDC has constantly grown and evolved to become one of the community’s biggest resources for a variety of subjects. Recently, CDC has made even more changes to their services, all of which

Jay's story

Their Lives Would Never Be the Same: Jay’s Story

And so began the story of Nancy and her son Jay. Nancy was a young mother in the summer of 1965. When Jay was born, Nancy and her husband already had 2 children. Jay wasn’t necessarily planned, but he wasn’t unwelcome, either. When Nancy first opened her eyes and laid them on Jay, she fell