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Feeding Therapy Classes

NEW! CDC+ Feeding Therapy

Parents of children who have difficulty eating are faced with a difficult and puzzling challenge!

Child Development Center

Kids’ Art A La Carte Offers a Story of Hope

It started with a story- a new dad in a waiting room, scared for the future of his newly-born, premature son.

CDC+ Reading Coaching

CDC+ Reading Coaching

“Mommy, read me a story.” She pulled a book from the shelf in her childhood bedroom and begged you to read it to her.

CDC+ reading Coaching

NEW! CDC+ Reading Coaching Groups

CDC+ is hosting a reading program for kiddos who need a little extra help in reading and comprehension.

therapy services, nutrition, audiology

CDC+ Provides Continuum of Care

A year ago the CDC expanded its services to provide outpatient therapies and other services.

CDC Welcomes New Dietitian

“Children with or without special needs, we recognize that nutrition is a huge component of their development.”

Hope Happens Hear

CDC now offers early hearing detection and follow-up care in partnership with the Wyoming EHDI program.

Avya's Story

Ayva’s Story

“CDC helped Ayva become the happy and social kid she is now.”

The Propp Family

Bentley’s Story

“My hope is that parents who may feel lost or uncertain get the hope, support and peace-of-mind they need from the amazing people and services at CDC.”

Finding Your PATH

“I feel like the more resources and ideas that we can give parents, the better off we are.”


Jordan’s Story

“CDC+ has made such a positive impact on my son’s quality of life.”

We Hear you

We Hear You

“I feel like the CDC has really become a pillar in our community for serving kids.”

Jay's story

Their Lives Would Never Be the Same: Jay’s Story

“They wanted us to put him in Lander and forget we ever had him.”