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Jordan’s Story

JordanJordan was born 7 weeks early. He struggled to breathe for 7 hours and was intubated and flown to Denver. He spent 2 months in the NICU. He was born a fighter.

His first seizure was at 2 months old right after he was finally sent home. It wasn’t the first diagnosis he had, and epilepsy was never mentioned. Many seizures and many tests later it took a seizure in a restaurant and the doctors seeing a postictal phase that we were finally on track.

At 3 years old he had a goose egg on his head that suddenly showed up. X-ray and a CAT scan showed a large 2-inch lesion in his skull. He had what is now deemed a cancer. Langerhans cell histiocytosis. The lesion, unfortunately, added insult to injury as it left a permanent spot on his brain.

Along with the epilepsy and cancer, he has many other diagnoses that make learning hard. He has reading and math disabilities along with receptive and expressive language disorders. On the outside, he looks and acts like a “typical” boy. He started getting lost in the school system. He was struggling and had a school year where no improvement was made and was failing nearly all subjects. The teacher would tell him to just try harder. His speech therapy


at school had the same goals for 2 years without improvement. He may struggle but he always tries. I was left feeling defeated and he felt the same way.

I learned about CDC+ from a friend. I had a child who benefited and came out successful from CDC services provided from 3 months of age until she graduated preschool. I figured how awesome knowing some of the therapists and knowing the care they provided my daughter may benefit my son.

In the first 6 months, Jordan made improvements in leaps and bounds. He has more confidence when it comes to reading. Where he used to shut down and not complete a task, he is now able to work through and he tries harder. He answers questions more confidently. I truly feel like he didn’t know how to process information and put it together.  After 10 months he brought homework home and only needed help with 1 question. This may seem small, but knowing he has the confidence and skills to do something he couldn’t do a year ago without shutting down makes me so proud.

CDC+ has made such a positive impact on my son’s quality of life. I am thankful for the services they provide. We are all just parents wanting to have the best for our kids and the therapists are amazing at helping us get that. CDC has helped me provide my kids with the tools to make them the best versions of themselves.