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Audiology Services

The Child Development Center of Natrona County has expanded its CDC+ services to include an expansive pediatric audiology program. Leading this program is Kalley Ellis, AuD, CCC-A.

Ellis, a native of Idaho and Utah, received her undergraduate degree from Utah State University, and her Doctorate of Audiology from Idaho State University. She spent her entire doctorate program focusing on pediatrics, externing in a variety of settings, including private practices, school districts, ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) clinics, and hospitals. She has also worked at the Pediatric ENT of Atlanta (PENTA) from 2018-2019. Ellis moved to Casper in 2019 and instantly ingratiated herself to the community, both personally and professionally. She is now the only pediatric audiologist in the county and is one of just a few in the entire state of Wyoming.

“I am the pediatric audiologist for CDC+ Audiology in Casper, but I see children from all over the state,” Ellis said. “I see kiddos from birth-21 years old. I am also the program audiologist for the Wyoming Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) program, which provides me the opportunity to travel the state, providing training and support to birthing hospitals and child development centers.”

CDC+ Audiology offers early hearing screening and detection, including newborn hearing screenings, diagnostic evaluations, hearing aid services, follow-up testing, and more. Ellis is able to fit and manage hearing aids for children and adolescents. With Dr. Ellis at the helm, CDC+ is currently seeing at least 30 patients per month.

Additionally, CDC partners with WyCHAP, WY Early Hearing Detection and Intervention, Wyoming Hands & Voices, and various other programs throughout Wyoming to provide support to families who have a child with a hearing loss. Ellis is able to test hearing and fit hearing aids for children in-house, making it easier for parents who are unable to travel out-of-state for audiology services.

Of course, these services could not have happened without the addition of Dr. Ellis to the CDC+ team. Ellis brings with her the experience but, more importantly, the passion to help Wyoming children hear as best they can.

“My love and passion for pediatrics has always been at the forefront of what I wanted to do in my professional life,” Ellis stated. “I love working with kids; the joy, laughter, perseverance, challenge, and the pure love kiddos exude makes my days bright. I also love getting to work with families, helping them through every aspect of their hearing journey. No matter if a parent is worried that their childʼs speech is not developing, or if their infant did not pass their newborn hearing screening, or if their child is asking ʻWhat? ʼ or listening to music at too loud of a volume, I am here to help find the answers.”

Ellis partners with another woman to provide various services throughout the state as well, and itʼs a partnership that has been etched out of mutual respect, passion, and a heart for children.

“I also have the amazing opportunity to work alongside Kim Reimann, who works for Wyoming Families for Hands & Voices as the ʻGuide By Your Sideʼ program coordinator,” Ellis shared. “In her role, and as a mother with a child with hearing loss, Kim helps to connect families to other trained parent guides to engage a circle of support between a family and all the professionals in their lives. At CDC+ Audiology, Kim helps to provide parent education and support, and she assists in many other aspects of the evaluation process as well.”

In addition to Pediatric Audiology, CDC+ offers Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Physical Therapy services, as well as Reading Coaching, Feeding Therapy and Nutrition services. All of these services, and more, are designed to show that itʼs the littlest things, and the biggest hearts, that make all the difference in the world.

At CDC+, itʼs more than just a partnership. Our Speech Language Pathologists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Audiologist and Nutritionist all come together with a common purpose: to let Wyoming families know that they are not in this by themselves. Our team exists to remind parents and children that they have people by their side who are willing to lift them up. Weʼre there to educate, to inspire, and to assist. In short, we offer support and hope.

“When you come to CDC+ Audiology, we like to say, ‘welcome to the family, ʼ and we truly mean it,” Ellis said. “We are here to support, guide, and advocate for your childʼs hearing needs, whatever they may be!”

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