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CDC+ Reading Coaching

Ellie woke up today with a smile on her face. Every week, Ellie gets to spend time with one of her favorite people, Miss Claire, a certified Speech Language Pathologist at CDC+. Miss Claire not only helps Ellie read better, but she also helps her comprehend and retain what she is reading. That’s because Ellie is part of the Child Development Center’s CDC+ Reading Coaching program.

The Reading Coaching program is open to elementary children grades 2nd-5th that have difficulty with reading and reading comprehension. Children will meet with a Speech Language Pathologist who will administer a language/reading evaluation, the results of which will determine what type of reading coaching would be most appropriate for your child. Children may be seen individually or in a small group and parents will receive an assessment of their child’s progress on a regular basis. CDC+ is the only program in Casper to offer Reading Coaching for elementary children.

“Reading Coaching at CDC+ supports children with their phonological/phonemic awareness skills, reading fluency, word decoding, and overall reading comprehension,” said Claire Blackwell, a Speech Language Pathologist with CDC+.  “Reading is such a vital part of everyday life that allows children to learn and encourages imagination! Here at CDC+, we make reading fun and functional!”

And that’s one of the reasons why Ellie wakes up every week with a smile on her face. It’s not just because she’s learning – it’s because she’s being taught by somebody who genuinely cares about her heart, her mind, and her future. Miss Claire, and everybody else that works with CDC+, cares about their kiddos and what they can do to enhance children’s learning and fun!

“CDC+’s Reading Coaching was a highlight of Ellie’s week,” Ellie’s mom, Trudi Holthouse, stated. “She looked forward to being here one-on-one with Miss Claire. She said, ‘It’s nice to be with Miss Claire and not have any other distractions. Do you think we can do an hour mama? I love my time with Miss Claire.’ Reading is an important part of each child’s learning journey. Reading coaching helped my sweet Ellie learn new tools enhancing comprehension and fluency. It helped her maintain grade level skills and boost her confidence. I love what CDC+ offers readers. What a fabulous service for kiddos who need a boost in their reading!”

In addition to Reading Coaching, CDC+ offers Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Physical Therapy services, as well as Audiology and Nutrition services. All of these services, and more, are designed to show that it’s the littlest things, and the biggest hearts, that make all the difference in the world.

To find out more about CDC+ and the services offered, visit or call 307-237-4477.