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NEW! CDC+ Feeding Therapy


Feeding Therapy Classes

Parents of children who have difficulty eating are faced with a difficult and puzzling challenge!

CDC+ is now offering assessment and treatment for children with feeding difficulties. If your child has 3 or more of the following “red flags”, he/she may benefit from feeding therapy.

• Poor weight gain (percentiles falling) or weight loss
• Choking, gagging or coughing during meals
• Unable to accept solid foods by 12-months of age
• Eats less than 20 foods by age of 2
• Cries and/or arches away at most meals
• Avoids certain food textures and food groups
• Mealtime is a constant battle

At CDC+, the feeding therapists consider multiple factors when addressing a child’s feeding and eating difficulties. This includes exploring the child’s oral, motor, sensory, behavioral and nutritional needs. Our goal is for children to
learn to enjoy eating and mealtime through this play-based therapy approach.

CDC+ will be providing Individual Feeding Therapy and Feeding Therapy Groups utilizing techniques and strategies from a variety of resources including the SOS Feeding Approach. Our focus is on helping you, as parents, teach your child to eat a wide variety of foods in order to support their best growth and development.

For babies and young children with eating and feeding challenges.

Please contact CDC+ for more information and to schedule your child’s initial feeding assessment/consultation.

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