Preschool Services | Child Development Center of Natrona County

Today is the day and no matter how ready you thought you were, nothing could prepare you for the moment that you take your child to preschool for the first time, while your child is patiently waiting at the door, juice box and lunch pail in hand.

The Child Development Center proudly offers a preschool program that is a positive and healthy environment for children with AND without special needs. We work to engage and develop a child’s self-esteem and socialization skills through a variety of ways and we believe in a play-based learning environment. We believe children learn best when they are encouraged to play, to discover, to dream.

Our preschool is NAEYC accredited and utilizes a framework for the curriculum, which is developmentally appropriate, research-based and focuses on all aspects of a child’s needs, both socially and educationally. We are committed to offering an environment that is safe, engaging, and intellectually & socially stimulating.

Preschool Classes are offered 3-4 days a week depending on your child’s age and needs. Children have the opportunity to attend either the morning or afternoon session. Preschool services are provided at no cost to families for children with special needs and are provided for a monthly fee to families with children without special needs.

Our goal is to take your child by the hand and lead them on a journey filled with smiles, with laughter, with questions. Our preschool program does just that; it shows them that they are the music makers and the dreamers of dreams; that they are the ones who will truly make a difference.


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