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Finding Your PATH

CDC Path

The goal of the Child Development Center of Natrona County is to not only provide support for the children and families they serve, but to provide outreach, tools, and services to the community as a whole.

Because of this, CDC is proud to announce a new monthly outreach, entitled PATH (Parents Achieving Training and Hope). PATH will be a monthly education series that covers a broad range of topics, all centering on the health and development of children.

“Now that CDC has 22 therapists, a registered dietitian, a great audiology program, and we felt that it would be wonderful for us to take our knowledge and provide trainings for our community,” said Alisha Rone, Executive Director of the Child Development Center. “Each month we’re going to have a different development training that parents can sign up to attend a training.”

The subjects that will be covered in this series are vast and varied. From yoga and massage for infants, to learning about make and take toys at home that promote development, to healthy nutrition to social and emotional training, getting your toddler to talk more at home and more; there will be a wide-range of topics focusing on children of all ages.

CDC hosted 2 successful trainings in September and are excited to offer new classes each month. In October, Bill Howell of Central Wyoming Counseling Center, will better equip parents through Love and Logic instruction. Then two of CDC’s certified occupational therapy assistants will host a Fine Motor Boot Camp where parents will learn how to improve dexterity and strength in their child’s hands. The updated schedule is available on the CDC website and Facebook page for participants to choose opportunities that will serve their families and/or childcare centers best.

The Child Development Center has been such a pillar of the community and that is thanks to the innumerable amount of people who have volunteered, promoted and supported CDC for the past 50+ years. This is CDC’s chance to give back to the community in the best way they know how; by offering support of their own.

“I feel like the more resources and ideas that we can give parents, the better off we are,” Rone stated. “And the better we are as a community partner. I feel like it’s our responsibility to offer these things to the community.  We have a gamut of resources here. Why not provide our knowledge to the community? And, hopefully, in turn, help parents with the development of their child.”

For more information, visit or call 307-235-5097.

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