Reading Coaching - Child Development Center of Natrona County




Elementary children grades 2nd - 5th


Your child will have a language/reading evaluation administered by a Speech Language Pathologist. The results of the evaluation will help determine your child's reading comprehension abilities, his/her reading skill level, and what type of assistance he/she may need.

What: Reading Coaching provided by CDC+ Speech Language Pathologists.

Who: Elementary children grades 2nd - 5th that have difficulty with reading and/or reading comprehension.

When: Your child's reading coaching will be scheduled 1-2 times/week. The coaching may be individual or in a group setting.

Where: CDC+

Take advantage of CDC+ reading coaching to keep your kiddos on track with reading and comprehension with coaching tailored specifically for them.

To schedule services or for more information, please call 307-237-4477 or click the button below.