Upcoming Events

May 12 – PATH: Screen Time: Supporting Families in a Digital Age

Instructors: Kimee Harmon, SLP Birth -5 During this training, parents will learn about how screen time impacts child development and take away strategies to help navigate the new digital age. Screen time is engaging for children and exposes them to technology they will need in a future workplace, but too much screen time can have… (More)

Apr. 21 – PATH: Hearing protection & noise induced hearing loss

Instructors: Dr. Kalley Ellis all ages In a world full of noise, it is important to know how to protect our hearing. This training will do just that! Please join us to learn about noise-induced hearing loss, how it affects our children, and some strategies for protecting your hearing for the future. Participants will be… (More)

Apr. 28 – PATH: Routines/Schedules

Instructor: Emily 1-pre-k A predictable routine allows children to feel safe, and to develop a sense of mastery in handling their lives. Routines and schedules provide two key ingredients necessary for learning: relationships and repetitioning. During this PATH training, the importance of routines and schedules to increase a child’s self-regulation will be presented. All participants… (More)

TBD – Art a la Carte

The 2020 Kids Art a la Carte has been postponed. Thank you for understanding. Stay tuned fo more information.

May 26 – PATH: Truths and Myths Regarding Movement in Children

Instructors: Gina and Devan 3-5 Years Do you have concerns about the way your child moves? This PATH training will discuss red flags about movement in children and will provide suggestions to help development gross motor skills. We will also tackle some of the frequently asked questions regarding toe walking, w-sitting, and children with sensory… (More)