Upcoming Events

Nov. 19 – PATH: Sign with Me: Basic Sign Language

Instructors: Melissa 0-5 Years Parents can give their children a way to share their wants and needs by using basic American Sign Language (ASL) with them. Using signs gives children a way to let you know what they’re interested in before they can talk and facilitates earlier communication opportunities. During this PATH training, participants will… (More)

Dec. 17 – PATH: Facilitating Language Through Play Based Routine

Instructors: Brittany & Lindsey 0-3 Years Do you have or know a child who is working on building their understanding and use of language? This workshop is for you! Parents and caregivers will learn how to create play routines using a variety of informal language stimulation techniques that can be used to target receptive and… (More)

Jan. 28 – PATH: Infant Massage

Instructors: Megan, Jamie, and Ashlyn 0-6 Months Did you know that infant massage can positively affect all areas of your child’s development? Not only does massage promote a healthy relationship with the parent or caregiver, but it also benefits your baby’s immune system, increases bonding and attachment, improves sleep quality, reduces stress, relieves digestive discomfort,… (More)

Mar. 24 – PATH: Language Development and Early Literacy Skills

Instructors: Claire and Kailey 3-5 Years Come learn how to “read between the lines” to help facilitate language development through shared storybook readings with your child! Storybook readings have been identified as one of the most powerful ways to promote meaningful and motivating literacy experiences for young children. This PATH training will teach you how… (More)

Apr. 28 – PATH: Routines/Schedules

Instructor: Emily 1-pre-k A predictable routine allows children to feel safe, and to develop a sense of mastery in handling their lives. Routines and schedules provide two key ingredients necessary for learning: relationships and repetitioning. During this PATH training, the importance of routines and schedules to increase a child’s self-regulation will be presented. All participants… (More)