Beckie McOmie - Child Development Center of Natrona County

Beckie McOmie

“I’ve been an occupational therapist working in early intervention for almost 27 years now (going on 15 years here at this CDC). I’m so fortunate to be able to work with little ones and their families–literally helping the child and family develop across all these little baby steps is so rewarding for me! I love getting photos or videos from families when their child meets a new milestone (even if I’m no longer working with them); that just makes my day. One of the hardest parts when working with children this young is that most of the them don’t remember me, but I know I’ve done a good job when one of their parents comes up to me years later and reflects back on all the progress their child made and how they are currently doing; that’s when I know I’ve made a small impact for them. I appreciate the opportunity CDC has given me to work with young children; it helps to keep me young at heart. I’m grateful to be doing a job I love and learn something new at every twist and turn the job throws at me.”