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Who are you is probably the most important question in the world. It’s the question that we spend our entire lives trying to answer. Even if it isn’t vocalized, it’s the first question a baby asks when he or she first comes into the world. When a child asks that question, “who are you?” what they are really asking is “why should I trust you?” At the Child Development Center, we understand that you want to know who we are and what we do but, most importantly, you want to know why you should trust us.

So who are we?

We are teachers who are in this solely for the love of teaching. We are parents who love your children almost as much as our own. On any given day, We are doctors or nurses or cooks or comedians. We are pirates or Batman or Big Bird. We are pillows and we are jungle gyms. We are your hand to hold and their finger to hold. We are a shoulder to cry on when it seems like it’s just too much. We are therapists, sometimes. We are the dream builders and the life shakers and the difference makers.

So trust us, because we promise you can.